Olivia usually serves either by speaking to the population served by the organization, or by directly coaching directors and board members. Areas of focus are mainly leadership or communication skills such as:

  • Pitching, Fundraising & Presentation skills
  • Personal branding (How to position yourselves as the experts in your field)
  • Gravitas (Developing a strong presence & making great first impressions)
  • Self-Confidence: Dismantling the impostor syndrome
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Handling big egos or difficult conversations
  • Charisma and Leadership (The science of trust, influence and persuasion)

Past pro bono work thus includes fundraising training for the board of StreetWise; coaching the directors of the Prince’s Trust, the BizWorld Foundation, the founders of New Scholars, the CEO of the World Peace Festival; or the founder of Agora Partnerships, whose recommendation is included below.

Olivia currently supports the following organizations:

Somaly Mam Foundation
First Descents

What’s it like to work with Olivia? Read about it here from First Descents founder Brad Ludden

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